It is with heavy heart that I must let you know that we are officially pausing operations at ‘The Wheel’. Over the last 12-18 months our volunteer group has not been as plentiful as when we officially launched in 2021, and without enough hands on deck, it’s really tough to keep the wheels turning smoothly.

Whilst “The Wheel” will officially wrap up at the end of March 24. We are still keen to encourage the borrow don’t buy ethos so the aim over the next few months is to try keep the library of things operating for our community in a very ‘back to basics’ kind of way. Here’s the plan for the coming months;

On 30 March - “The Wheel” will officially cease operations. No new memberships will be accepted. Any existing memberships, or loan reservations already in the system will be honoured till 30 June 2024.

Across April - June we will refine the library inventory to enable storage of the library items with some of our key volunteers. At same time we will work on refining the “myturn” system to potentially enable access to the community to reserve items. Details TBC. The intent is that pick up/drop off of library items will be from key volunteers homes/point of storage. This is likely to be more than one location across the Sutherland Shire. Ie - pick up/drop off of party items may be at Jannali, whilst tools and equipment may be in Caringbah, etc. Collection and return of items will need to be coordinated directly with these volunteers. Availability of items will be subject to volunteer’s availability.

We will see how this type of operating model goes across a few months, and where needed adjust or refine. We will reassess holistically towards the end of 2024

Thank you kindly to all who have supported, assisted and participated in The Wheel over the last few years.

If you are able to assist in future workings, or potentially host some of the library of things we would love to hear from you, please drop us a PM or email. Please keep an eye on the socials for further updates.

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